About The Joyful Programmer’s community:


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The Coder’s Lair (A Social Media Site by The Joyful Programmer): https://social.thejoyfulprogrammer.com Closed registration for now

The Coder’s Train (A forum dedicated to C++, C, some Assembly/Machine languages): COMING SOON!

The Coder’s Avenue (The Joyful Programmer’s Online Store): COMING SOON!

Zombie Dumpling (A gaming online store (Buy games created by The Joyful Programmer)): COMING SOON!

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/thejoyfulprogrammer

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thejoyfulprogrammer/

C++ and C Programming for Beginners (Facebook Group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/CPP.and.C.programming.for.Beginners/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thejoyfulprog/

GitHub Page: https://github.com/TheJoyfulProgrammer Here you can find all kinds of C++, C, and QB64 code, as-well-as a Windows console game I built the engine for. You can use the mouse…

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/waltersmind/

Old QB64 programming forum: https://qb64.thejoyfulprogrammer.com Registration closed & in read only mode due to technical difficulties

My old home page: https://oldsite.thejoyfulprogrammer.com My original, hand-crafted webpage 


The Joyful Programmer’s Main Site (This one):

This primary site is intended to be more of an informational site about various computer programming topics. Here are some features you will find here:

  • Tiki Wiki: A modern day Wiki system which offers an intelligent and powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML/Wiki editor. The Tiki Wiki editor makes the creation of Wiki documents painless, fast, and easy with a wide range of features:
    • Standard text effects: Bold, Italics, Underline, text color, text background, Subscript, Superscript
    • Quotes & Comments
    • Table creations
    • Bullet Points & Numbered Lists
    • Graphs and Charts
    • Images
    • YouTube videos
    • Graphical Equations
    • Bibliographies
    • …and many more…

    What does this mean for Wiki page creators?
    It means: No more learning complex Wiki markups just to do the most simplest function. On top of that, you can view the Wiki page source code and add HTML, as-well-as CSS to all HTML tags.

    Tiki Wiki page creators can now focus on creating content instead of trying to code it.

    The Tiki Wiki HTML editor also offers a “Full Screen” mode that allows you to use the entire browser window for editing a page, instead of just a small section. This allows your Tiki Wiki page creation and editing experiences to be more engaging.
  • Multiple Forums: Each forum is dedicated to a specific area of computer programming interests.
  • TJP’S Blog: Keep up-to-date and get behind the scenes information from the adminstrators of The Joyful Programmer.
  • Articles: Current information.
  • File Galleries: User can download documents, images, and other files shared by members on this site.
  • Spreadsheets: Registered members can create unlimited spreadsheets which can be used on Wiki pages and forum posts alike.
  • Member’s promotional Tiki Wiki page: Registered members are provided a FREE Tiki Wiki page where they can promote themselves and their work.
  • Log-In with Facebook: Users can instantly register and login through their Facebook account.


The Coder’s Lair:

The Coder’s Lair is The Joyful Programmer’s social media site. This is a more open and engaging site where the community can socialize on a more informal basis, share their projects, discuss computer related topics, and help teach others. Here are some of the features provided on the Coder’s Lair:

  • Spaces: This features allows all members to create unlimited communities around specific topics. They are similar to Facebook’s “groups”.
  • Streams: This is where members post content. Every space and member profile has a stream for members to post to.
  • Posts: Members can write messages and share images in their posts. Just like on Facebook.
  • Files: Members can upload files to share to other members in spaces or their profile.
  • Gallery: Members can upload images to share to other members in spaces or their profiles.
  • Wiki: This mini-wiki provides members the ability to create simple wiki pages and single tier sub wiki pages in spaces or on their profiles.
  • Messages: Have short, direct and private conversations with other members through this system.
  • FreiChat Chat Box: A Facebook messenger like chat box.


The Coder’s Train:

The Coder’s Train is forum dedicated to the C++, C, some Assembly/Machine languages.


The Coder’s Avenue:

The Coder’s Avenue is The Joyful Programmer’s modern online store where you can purchase downloadable content, like:

  • Professional programming EBooks (PDF, EPUB, etc…)
  • Background images
  • Clipart
  • Spritesheets (for your games)
  • Graphic elements (playing cards, etc…)
  • …and more…


About This Site:


Primary Idealism:

The Joyful Programmer is dedicated to working with, and teaching computer programming hobbyists, tinkerers, amateurs, and enthusiasts.


Website Idealism:

The Joyful Programmer’s websites are a community driven project where we can learn, as-well-as teach, various technologies in computer programming.


Community Restrictions:

The Joyful Programmer’s community is about promoting the education of computer programming, as-well-as open source projects which can be used to teach others.

This community’s priority is to provide as safe and peaceful place where users can socialize, discuss, share, teach, and ask questions that are within the scope of this project. Harassment, bickering, fussing, disrespectfulness, explotations, badgering, spamming, cursing, and other negative activities will not be tolerated.


Reserved Rights:

The administrators of The Joyful Programmer communities reserves the rights to remove any content (i.e. files, images, spaces, wiki pages, etc…), ban users, block IP addresses, and any other measures without warning or notice to anyone.